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How to Select the Best Commercial Real Estate Agent

by William Gary, MBA, MIM, ITRA MacLaurin Williams

Commercial Tenants and Buyers frequently complain that their supposed Real Estate Broker or Salesperson seems more motivated to close a lease or purchase and collect the commission check than in helping them to find the best building or space at the lowest price.

California Supreme Court Case Challenges Ethics of Dual Agency

by Wayne Teig - ITRA Global / Minneapolis, St. Paul

In what could become a precedent-setting case, the California Supreme Court has now heard the oral arguments that will scrutinize the long standing practice of dual agency by real estate firms. The case, Horiike vs. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Company began on September 7th.

Anderson Receives Top Leadership Award from ITRA Global

by reprinted from CityBizList, May 2016

Debra Stracke Anderson, President of Sloan Street Advisors / ITRA Global, received the 2016 Ronald R. Pollina PhD Leadership Award conferred by ITRA Global, the largest commercial real estate organization devoted to representing corporate tenants and buyers around the world.

6 Things You Need to Know About the New Accounting Rules

by Carrie Holstead - ITRA Global / Carrie S. Holstead Real Estate Consultants, Inc.

Ready or not, the new lease accounting rules will soon take effect and will result in companies with significant leases appearing asset-rich but also heavily indebted. Here are six things you need to know.

Money Talks – But You Need to Know the Language

by Danni Toshack, ITRA Global / ACORPP

Money talks, but sometimes it talks in its own language and you need to be an accountant to understand what’s actually being asked for when it’s time to fund a new lease. Your tenant representative can provide advice and help negotiate these types of tenant costs to a minimum. Here are the most common forms of funds that are requested in the property market.

The Last Minute “Gotcha!”

by Lynn Drake, ITRA Global / Compass Commercial

Your business is doing well, and you are happy with your current landlord. You may or may not notice that your lease is expiring in less than a year.

Don’t Overpay the Operating & Tax Expense Invoice You Will Receive This Quarter

by Carrie Holstead, ITRA Global / Carrie S. Holstead Real Estate Consultants, Inc.

You will soon receive an invoice for operating and tax expense pass throughs which will increase your occupancy cost. Do you know the eight things to look for to assure you are not among the tenants overpaying?

How to Avoid 13 Dangerous Potholes When Becoming an Office Subtenant

by Will Gary, MBA, MIM, ITRA MacLaurin Williams

If you’re considering becoming an Office Subtenant, it’s critical to look deeper than the discounted rental rates and free office furniture. Watch out for thirteen (13) dangerous potholes that could cause a big wreck.

Look Before You Leap Into a Lease

by Lynn Drake, ITRA Global / Compass Commercial

Harvey MacKay, author of the seminal business book, “Swim with the Sharks without Being Eaten Alive” prequel to the reality show, Shark Tank) suggested that entrepreneurs focus their energies on drumming up business and managing staff.